Spike is one of those few and far between Malinois that you dream about.

Spike: Belgian Malinois

Power Power Power! Spike is one of those few and far between Malinois that you dream about. Like a soldier on the battlefield Spike pushes through any conflict that may present itself. Crushing attacks in protection with courage that will not falter yet social enough to hang out with your children and play fetch. Spike is social with other dogs including small dogs and loves to be a part of daily family activities. Car rides, family night watching TV, or any other social event Spike is capable of them all. This is the dog that you want by your side when the wolf comes knocking at your door!

  • Status Sale Pending
  • Breed Belgian Malinois
  • Gender Male
  • Birth date September 10, 2013
  • Price $45,000 delivery not included

About the Breed

Originally developed in Malines, Belgium, Malinois have a great deal of stamina and truly enjoy working. They are intelligent and very active dogs that excel at many tasks. In addition to herding, they also do well with police work, search and rescue, and in performance events, such as agility.

People who are not familiar with the Malinois often confuse him with the German Shepherd Dog (GSD), but there are significant differences in the body structure and temperament of the two breeds. Malinois are smaller dogs with lighter bones. They stand with their weight well on their toes, which gives them a square body profile, while today's GSD has a long, sloping back and carries his weight flatter on his feet.

Our canines come delivered with the following:

  • Advanced on and off leash obedience
  • Alert on command and show aggression towards threat
  • Engage threat
  • Release threat on command
  • Guard threat on command
  • Territorial guard/home invasion (protection of family from inside residence)
  • Defense of handler/family in everyday situations (park setting, public setting)
  • Defense of handler/family from vehicle (carjacking)
  • Perimeter search of grounds
  • Interior check (office, hotel, residence)
  • Place command
  • Exposed to living environment
  • Certificate of Health from licensed Veterinarian
  • 6 month health guarantee
  • 1-5 day handler course at residence of client

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