Dara is an "I'm going to take over the world!" type of dog.

Dara: German Shepherd

Dara is an "I'm going to take over the world!" type of dog. Confident in every situation and full of life. She is playful with her family and loves to be a part of daily activities. Dara has fantastic obedience and excels in protection. She is social with other dogs and safe around children. This is a fantastic female for any type of environment.

  • Status Sold
  • Breed German Shepherd
  • Gender Female
  • Birth date September 22, 2014
  • Price $45,000 delivery not included

About the Breed

The German Shepherd Dog is one of America's most popular dog breeds — for good reason. They're an intelligent and capable working dog. Their devotion and courage are unmatched. They are amazingly versatile, excelling at most anything they're trained to do: guide and assistance work for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience and, last but not least, faithful companion.

Our canines come delivered with the following:

  • Advanced on and off leash obedience
  • Alert on command and show aggression towards threat
  • Engage threat
  • Release threat on command
  • Guard threat on command
  • Territorial guard/home invasion (protection of family from inside residence)
  • Defense of handler/family in everyday situations (park setting, public setting)
  • Defense of handler/family from vehicle (carjacking)
  • Perimeter search of grounds
  • Interior check (office, hotel, residence)
  • Place command
  • Exposed to living environment
  • Certificate of Health from licensed Veterinarian
  • 6 month health guarantee
  • 1-5 day handler course at residence of client

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